Guide: How to Root Motorola Atrix HD

If your immediate plans include having a rooted Motorola Atrix HD MB886 in your hands, you are one step closer to getting that ticked off from your agenda.

To do so, our recommendations are the following: digest the pre-requisites you will learn about in the next section and then follow a tutorial comprised of various steps. That’s all.


Here are the pre-requisites we wanted you to consider: charge the battery that’s integrated on the Atrix HD, use a laptop that sports Windows and install USB Drivers on it (be sure to get the ones that are specifically made for this phone) and get some backups with your important settings and data. After the above have been thoroughly read, go follow the steps in our guide below.

By the way: to regain the warranty back on your handset, you should unroot it. If you look closely on our site, such a procedure will be detailed in a tutorial (use the link from the end of the article to find it faster).Motorola-Atrix-HD-MB886

Important instructions

  1. Step one to follow through recommends the download, on your laptop’s desktop, of a file named . As soon as this file is in the place we indicated, you have to go to it and unzip its content; the location for that: the same desktop.
  2. Don’t open anything, just plug the smartphone to the laptop with the handset’s USB cable; you should afterwards do the following: go to the run.bat file that’s part of the content of the downloaded file; when you find it, the third step tells you to double-click on it and see if there are some instructions on the screen. If yes, follow them straight away.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Then wait a bit till the Atrix HD starts to go into rooting mode. Should it react like that, good; it means that you followed all of the steps like we told you to.

The main thing now: take your smartphone and discover all the gems it possesses. Which look like this: being able to install root only stuff, installing a custom ROM (or more, depending on how many you may want), installing either ClockworkMod Recovery or TWRP and so on.

It’s all your choice. However, if you wish to go back to your phone’s old settings and such, then you should unroot the Atrix HD. That’s another procedure which is very easy to perform; you will find a guide on the matter on our site, like we mentioned in the beginning of this post.