How to recover deleted files on Android

If you want to get back files that you deleted from your smartphone, you now can. With the help of a special app.

This app is called Undelete and it is offered by Fahrbot Mobile. You can get it from your phone’s Android Market and it does not cost a thing. What this app does is it helps the user get back content which he or she deleted at some point. And you get to recover this content from the phone’s internal storage. Or the microSD card, too. But for that, the user needs to see whether the format of the deleted file/s is microSD. Because if it is a different one, the app will offer the right results. Also, you should be forewarned: Undelete will not give you back content erased 1 year ago.

The Undelete application is not compatible with every single smartphone user. From what we know, it works FAT/FAT32 users alone. Before telling you how to recover deleted files on your Android, you need to create a backup of every single info you deem as very important.

Important instructions

As for the installation itself, below you will find the steps you need to follow.

  1. For step 1 you have to go to the Android Market. Once you arrive there, download the app called Undelete.
  2. After you do that, in step 2 you must backup everything that is on your device’s microSD card. Which is very easy to do: just make sure your phone is connected to a laptop or a PC. Then copy all of the most important content from the microSD card to the hard drive of the laptop. This step is necessary if the microSD card did not receive a formatting process under the FAT32 file system.Undelete-Android-App
  3. Step 3 requires you to format the microSD card. If you are unsure how to achieve this: open My Computer, then right-click on the microSD Removable Disk drive. After this you have to click on format. Opt for FAT32 when you are under the File system on the format screen. Then you need to click on a button that says Start.
  4. Then comes step 4, for which you have to disconnect the smartphone of your choice from your laptop/PC. The smartphone should start preparing the microSD card. After it has done this, open the Undelete app. Then access the menu and choose SD card. This is followed by you clicking on scan storage. The app will then scan the card and locate the erased content.
  5. In step 5, the Undelete application offers a list that contains the content which you erased at some point. If you decided on a file that you wish to see on your phone again, choose the Restore option. Your file is now back in its place. And that’s it.

But, because the Undelete application is not yet official, you have to know that the content you want to recover to its original location may very well look different. If you run into problems with it, its developer is always open for suggestions to make it better. And take it from its beta stage.