How to decrease data usage on Android and iOS devices

There comes a time in every consumer’s life when she or he wants to know of a way to decrease data usage on their Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. There’s nothing simpler than that. And we will tell you how in some very easy steps that you must follow accordingly.

Data usage on various gadgets is a delicate matter. Especially since the majority of carriers offer unlimited data plans and then charge you more once you go over that supposedly unlimited plan. This is why it is crucial to use something that will not eat a lot of data usage. Here is how you can achieve that on your Android product.

Every time you want to look for something online, do it via either Opera Mobile or Opera Mini. Because this is a browser which is very helpful in decreasing data usage. It does that in two ways. One goes into action after the user uncheck flash usage from the settings. Another method is the compressing of images.

A second method that works well is to turn off all of the apps which update on an automatic basis. Like Twitter, Facebook, Push Email and GPS, just to name a few. Should you use a starter plan with 200 MB of data usage, those applications use a lot of data. Which is definitely not OK if you want the exact opposite.

The Siri personal assistant on the iPhone 4S may be cute and all, but it has the nasty habit of consuming plenty of data usage. So it’s wise to cut off on your habit of asking it for stuff or play with it and see what jokes it has to tell. Use Siri only if you are in desperate need for crucial info from

If you wish to download a certain game, use streaming instead of any other method you usually employ. The latter also goes for music, clips and the like. Streaming is the best solution once you use Wi-Fi. Games, for instance, are quite big. The data plan on your smartphone will have to suffer from 10mb and 100mb worth of game downloads.

Another way to keep data usage limited is to see which of your applications eats the most data. Once you notice the culprit(s) it will be easier to use them only very rarely. Also, one of the best solutions is to do as much as you can by hand. Try to stop relying on apps to do it for you, because they use a lot of your phone’s data.

The last method you can use to decrease data usage on a device powered by Android or iOS is to get the following free of charge apps: DataMan if you own an iPhone or MyDataManager if your phone uses an Android OS. Both of these are applications which monitor data very effectively. Their best advantage is the following: they are made so that the user is able to set a limit on those apps which use a lot of data. Once they spot the worst of them, they emit an alert.

And this is how you can decrease data usage if you are an owner of a smartphone running an iOS or an Android operating system.