Google TV Remote app gets its first Official Update

Google has unveiled something new for its users: an official update for their widely used Google TV Remote app.

If you’re using an Android smartphone, you’re more than likely accustomed to an app that goes by the name of Google TV Remote. And you’ve probably wondered when an update would arrive for it. The company just added such an upgrade to their line of novelties. And this upgrade is complete with all kinds of new options for you to marvel at once you start discovering it.

The four main features that are new with this application are the following: improved accessibility, voice search capability, Goggle TV 3.0 access, added D-Pad Navigation and normal D-pad (changed from the usual swiping D-pad from before that was plain uncomfortable).


The appearance of the Google TV Remote app in its present form is vastly improved compared to what the old version used to look like. The icon, for instance, features a small mic that is very welcome as far as design changes go.

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Thanks to the addition of the voice search support for Google TV 3.0, you will be able to look for various content across the platform by using only your voice and nothing more. The D-Pad you can now employ offers the possibility to use tapping movements (and also swiping ones) in a way that is very easy to familiarize with even by beginners. The pointer mode that is offered by this pad lets you have total control over the mouse pointer on your device’s display. When you are on the Internet, you can effortlessly zoom or scroll content with just gestures.

The updated Google TV Remote app is yours for the taking once you go over to Google Play. Once there, the download is free of charge. If your handset is complete with Android 2.2 (and beyond), you can use this app without worries.