Google Report: Top 10 Android Apps of 2012

Google recently announced their top best Android apps of 2012. The list is made of 10 of the most useful and successful applications ever to be downloaded on a smartphone. We downloaded them ourselves to see if they were indeed as good as advertised. And they were. Let’s see their names and what they can offer you.

1. Angry Birds

Who hasn’t heard of ? If you haven’t, though, this is a game created by a Finnish team. It’s very successful and people all over the world love it. So it was only natural that an app version would eventually come everyone’s way. This app can be found in several versions on Google’s Android app store. You can download either , , or if you feel like. Each of them is highly entertaining.Angry-Birds-star-wars

2. Pinterest

is another Android app which Google preferred over others. You can search various things with it and keep them organized for later use. You can create boards that are made of, say, places to visit this year, food to try tomorrow and so on. You can even share stuff that you think your friends might like.

3. Temple Run

is another example of a very popular game right after Angry Birds. If you like its description, be sure to get the version which says Temple Run 2, because that’s the latest one. And it has some new goodies which the previous version lacks. Once you download it, though, prepare to be sucked in and forget what time and date it is.

4. Grimm’s Snow White

is, you guessed it, connected to the famous fairy tale written by two equally famous brothers. From what Google said, this application is one of the most downloaded ones. But it doesn’t contain only Snow White. The rest of the fairy tales written by the brothers Grimm are also included. So you won’t miss any of the fun if you are a fan of them.

5. Evernote

is, according to the same Google, a very good rival to all of the above apps already discussed here at DroidGator. If you wish to have something that helps you create to-do lists and other such important ways of keeping track of important things, this is the app for you. Another advantage it offers is that you can read these notes online no matter where you are and no matter the time of day. So keep Evernote in mind if you ever feel like an agenda is not enough for your daily needs.evernote

6. Fancy

Let’s have a look at another great Android app of 2012. The Google Android app store lists it as and from what we could see it offers users the ability to search through catalogs containing all sorts of important things; like shops, restaurants, places to visit and so on. And, when you find the best catalog for you, you can buy it on the spot and browse it any time you want to try out something fancy.
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7. Talking Tom Cat

is an app that couldn’t be left out. This is a tool which makes time pass faster in a very enjoyable manner. How does it work? Well, all you need to do is the following: utter a couple of words on your handset’s speaker and watch a cat appearing on the display; this cat’s role is to repeat those exact same words you spoke a couple of seconds ago. It’s a very fun app to use, that’s for sure!

8. Pocket

Moving on, let’s concentrate on our app number 8. It is known as on the Android app store. Say you found something interesting on the Internet and you decide to save it on your smartphone. You can do that with Pocket, the perfect app to use whatever sparked your interest. This only works offline. Pocket is able to do all of the above by synchronizing the content you like.

9. Ancestry

Coming up at number 9 is an app whose creator named it . Like its title says, it was made so that people can easily perform updates surrounding their family tree. Ancestry is also used to discover your friends’ genealogy records and compare info.

10. Expedia Hotels & Flights

The last app Google found worthy enough to include on their list of Best Android apps of 2012 is Expedia Hotels. The appeal about this tool is that it is a great helper should you find yourself in a pinch when it comes to lodging. Especially when you’re in a foreign place with nowhere to stay. has the role of finding a hotel via GPS. Not only that, but this app is able to instruct you where exactly to go in order to find the hotel it told you about a minute ago.expedia-app

This is all for today’s list of Best apps of 2012 for your Android smartphone. Hopefully one or all of them are interesting enough for you to consider downloading. We guarantee they come bug-free and are very easy to use.