Google to Use Patent for Face Unlock features in Android

Google has finally been granted a patent for their trademark Face Unlock features used with Android.

This piece of good news comes after the US Patent and Trademark Office officially published the company’s granted patent. The latter refers to Google’s Face Unlock, or Facial Recognition, they’ve created when Galaxy Nexus running Android ICS was first released. This creation means that you will be able to unlock your Android device by looking at its screen, which will then recognize your face in a matter of seconds. However, people who have already tested this feature say that it is prone to problems. Still, it’s a very important feat for Google and it doesn’t mean that it will work poorly on every Android smartphone out there.

And besides, the company is working on ways to make it behave in a much better way. One of them: blink detection. Which means that if someone shows your phone a photo of your face to trick it, the handset won’t fall into that kind of trap.display-unlock-patent

The patent that Google was recently awarded also talks about the various facial recognition creations along with the fail safe options we mentioned in the previous paragraph.

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Other than Google, Apple have also tried to be awarded a patent 2 years ago. Back then, the American manufacturer wanted to let consumers know about their newest feature called Face and Presence Detection. This option was different than the one presented by Google now, but specialists had a positive opinion about it.

But the main products that this feature would work with back then were laptops. Even so, the patent was never awarded to Apple. This time around, Google is the lucky winner. Their Face Unlock, or Facial Recognition, is available for both smartphones and tablets, something that Apple didn’t think about back in 2011.