Getac Z710 rugged Android tablet unveiled

Getac is riding high on the waves of tablet production. The new model they’ve been working on will finally get a release.

The name of the new rugged tablet is Getac Z710. This Android gadget is going to be released first in Europe. According to the manufacturers and Peter Molyneux, President Getac Europe, this model features a brand new technology that will make everything look superior than on any other tablets.

The specs that ship with the Getac’s tablet are the following: a 7 touchscreen, a built-in SiRFstar GPS sensor and that’s about it for now. The display contains the Gorilla Glass technology to prevent it from getting scratches and other inconveniences. The panel is a LED one. The manufacturers claim that you can use the screen even outside in the bright sunlight. And even if you are wearing gloves when you’re doing that.

Voice capture is a feature that is going to be very helpful. This model will come with 3G, Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth. If you want to employ this tablet in your car, then you should know it sports RF pass through. This is a means of enjoying high-speed connectivity. In the words of the manufacturer, this feature is capable of offering data delivery that happens in real time. With better reliability.Getac-Z710

This Android tablet is a rugged one. That means the user will be able to play with it and not fret about water spilling on it. Or dust covering it.

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Of course, that remains to be seen in tests. If you don’t want to buy a separate GPS unit, the Getac Z710 has a navigation processor called SiRFstarIV. It is said to deliver the same accuracy that a GPS delivers. Mapping is possible via Geographic Information Systems. Data capture works thanks to a HW Barcode.

Since this is a gadget that presumably resists all kinds of rugged situations, it is MIL-STD-810G and IP65 rated. If the temperatures are between -20 and 50oC, the Z710 will still work with the same quality in performance.

In all likelihood, the new Getac tablet, the Z710, is a device that will be an ideal partner for people who want something very reliable. And with good specs and features. Consumers working in the business sector will also find in this model a very exciting possibility to keep up to date with everything.

We will get our hands on a Z710 and test it to see if the above is true or not.