Engage LT smartphone Announced by Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless have just landed an Engage LTE smartphone.

This new device is a result of the success that Cricket Wireless has come to have in recent years. This wireless carrier and the Engage LT they are offering to all those interested will certainly attract a lot of attention. Especially thanks to the specs of this smartphone and the different monthly plans you can choose from.

Speaking of which, here are the specs that have been released up until now: a 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU, a 4″ touchscreen, Android 4.0 (or Ice Cream Sandwich), 1 GB of RAM and two cameras. One of the latter packs an amount of 3.2MP and sits on the device’s front; the second one is of the VGA variety and is located on the back of the Engage LT. We should also mention that the display of this handset sports a coating that offers protection against smudges, fingerprints and other unpleasant stuff. Engage-LT

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The cam on the front comes with a integrated Flash and a Panoramic mode; the Flash helps the user enjoy great-looking photos, even when they’re snapping pics in a place where there’s no light. If you wish to record clips, you can. However, resolution is only 480p.

The Engage LT offered by Cricket Wireless is compatible with Muve Music and you get to experience Bluetooth (which is built-in) along with 3G.

And now, here’s info on the wireless plans that are available via Cricket. If you want 5 GB of data along with unlimited talk and text, then you can use the $70 plan. Should you prefer 2.5 GB of unlimited talk and 60 SMS, then you have to pay $60 per month. A plan that offers 1 GB of data together with unlimited talk and SMS can be yours for $50 monthly. Other than that there are two more plans which cost a lot more, but they enable your phone to be connected to various other gadgets. What this means: connectivity while on the road.