Can the next Nexus phone be produced by LG ?

Nowadays the question most of us have on their tongues is this: will the next Nexus smartphone be made by LG? Find out below.

If you’ve paid attention to the market of smartphones, then you surely know that the kind of upgrades that Nexus phones receives are always done without fail and on time. If only others would do the same.

From what the team at CNET dug up, it looks like LG is the manufacturer to create a new Nexus smartphone. The company, though, has not confirmed this yet, but we think it’s only a matter of time before they do. If we look at past Google partnerships, the giant never once chose the South Korean manufacturer for its plans. Instead, they went with names such as Samsung, another company based in South Korea and HTC, a Taiwanese manufacturer. The decision to opt for LG this time around is going to make this company more known on the US market.
The fact that Google teamed up with Samsung and then HTC for its past gadgets did not stop them from co-opting another manufacturer: Asus. Which no one thought would have been possible. But this partnership helped Google give wings to Nexus 7, their very first tablet. One thing, though, was not agreed upon: the looks of other such products in the Nexus series. But in the end amidst general puzzlement, that device met with very favorable reviews and happy consumers overall. Which pushed Google to do better in the future.

In the grand scheme of things, the way Google has dealt with smartphones up until now was not to their advantage. The reason behind that? A design that changed every time a new device came out. And that made consumers somewhat careful with what they bought.

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And now, with all this recent talk about LG being the next manufacturer asked by Google to create a new Nexus handset with them may also affect Google’s image among its fans. So the latter should just choose to work with the same company every time. Even if experimenting with new names is a good thing per say. But it’s not always good when gadgets are involved.

Should LG be proven to actually be the brand chosen by Google to create a fresh Nexus phone, then there are bound to be people who will love the novelty and people who will want something they are familiar with. The general opinion is that Google should choose a certain type of looks that users will recognize always from now on. From what can be observed about the company, they don’t really know how to tackle things so that they can please fans and themselves at the same time.