Best Office Apps for Android 2013

Google is already very popular thanks to another creation that’s been used for quite a while now. And we mean their Play Store that’s filled with all kinds of entertaining apps. The latter range from games to weather apps passing through business apps and everything in between.

The list is indeed made of a lot of tools meant to improve user experience on your Android smartphone. But today we won’t talk about game applications. Instead we are going to concentrate on the best office apps for Android 2013.

Google Drive

Our list starts with Google Drive. You don’t need to pay to get this app. Its greatest advantage is that it allows you to use, among others, Google Docs as file storage location via cloud technology, too. If you want to, say, create different type of office files and you can access them or edit the files online, then this is one of the best apps to reach your goal, because you will be able to open them from whatever place you’re in at any given time. However, you need to have a Google account first to do that.Google-Drive

Kingsoft Office

We couldn’t forget Kingsoft Office 5.2.1 from this list of ours. This tool comes with a wide variety of files formats. You don’t have to take money out of your pocket for this app, either. The Kingsoft Office 5.2.1 offers support for reports done in PowerPoint, it helps you add photos and it works very well with the following:, Dropbox and many more file storage using the cloud technology. This office app is also capable of supporting all Microsoft native files: Word, Excel and so on. Not to forget the fact that the files accepted are these: pdf, docx, txt, ppt and many more. If you use an email application on your handset, then you should know that the Kingsoft Office 5.2.1 delivers integration with it and, unrelated to this, it also comes with a dedicated manager for all file types. The latter is a great helper if you wish to keep office files in order.

ThinkFree Office Mobile

If you don’t want something sophisticated, ThinkFree Office Mobile is the right Android office app for your needs. This is not a tool that’s completely free-of-charge. For more varied functions you need to pay $4.99. And if you want a version for your tablet, it will cost you $9.99.

Quickoffice Pro

We decided on adding Quickoffice Pro on our list of best office apps for Android for 2013 because it supports 11 languages in total and it lets you open various clouds storage locations. Other notable pros of this tool are the following: you can check what you wrote in a document via a spell checker, you can edit and view the usual Microsoft Office files and then share the latter on other smartphones that sport Android. The people behind this app made a special version for tablets and it costs $9.99. If you want the version for your phone, you can get it for $4.99.Quickoffice-Pro

Olive Office Premium

Our search for free office apps lead us to Olive Office Premium. Out of the bunch of applications already listed here, this is one that’s most prone to a couple of issues. We noticed that files of bigger formats made the tool crash; so it’s a good idea to work with smaller files. Other than that, the Olive Office Premium worked really well. It allowed us to access and modify these types of files: PowerPoint, Excel and Word.


The following office app we thought of adding in our post today is called OfficeSuit 6.5. The number of file formats this tool supports is very generous; we were surprised to see this generosity extend to ZIP, too. Its quality is that it helps the user use and edit all these files easily. English is not the only language that is supported by this particular application. The cloud technology and the sharing via the cloud work very well with the OfficeSuit 6.5, which also offers a dedicated PDF files reader and a dedicated file manager.


Now for something that’s different to the other office apps presented here. This one goes by the name of Picsel and you can get it either for free or at a price of $4.99. But let’s see what it can do. Picsel can work with all versions of Microsoft Office files, something that not every office app out there is able to pull off.

The way everything about it looks and feels is definitely superior to others. What we found very refreshing was its 3D viewer and the zoom option, integrated in the app. You should totally try Picsel out if you haven’t already.Picsel


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We end our compilation of best office apps for Android 2013 with DocumentsToGo. If you go for the free version, you won’t be offered too many features. However, the premium $14.99 version of this app pulls of support for whatever kind of office file you might use, so you’re completely covered from this point of view.

Likewise, if you want full compatibility with the native Excel formulas you’ll find it with this tool. The DocumentsToGo will let you to synchronize the documents using a simple USB cord if you get the version made for a computer.