ASUS Transformer AiO Windows PC updated to Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean

Asus presented the latest addition to their line in 2012. Its name is Transformer AiO PC. And this model has now received Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean as an operating system.

This product is an all-in-one PC with Windows 8. The Transformer AiO can easily become a tablet which sports Android if that’s what you want at a certain moment of the day. The fact that Asus decided to have this device running the new Android version puts it above many of the tablets and handsets out there. And that’s because they don’t sport this kind of operating system yet.

From what photos of the Asus Transformer AiO Windows PC show, the device itself has a length of 18.4 inches. So if you don’t like long (and big hybrids), you should skip this one and look for a smaller alternative. transformer-android-4.2.1

But the fact that you can use it as a tablet by detaching it will certainly win points in its favor if you want to buy something which can do this. And it runs Windows and Android 4.2.1.


If you own the original Transformer tablet, there is a high possibility that you won’t like the update. And that’s because you wish your model would have been chosen for the implementation of the Android 4.2.1 instead. But what can one do?

The updated Transformer AiO with the newest Android version has been made available today. The advantages of this sort of operating system version are many. Among them is the possibility to employ not one, but many different user accounts. Which should be great news considering what sort of device the AiO is. If you already received the upgrade, you’re all set. But if you want to get it right now, you should open your gadget and do the following: go to its Menu, select Settings, then look for the update by yourself; when you see it, you have to accept it and then see how the device feels like with it on-board.