Apple Rumors: iPad Mini assembly has begun

The assembly of a new Apple gadget has just begun.

And that is exciting news for fans of the popular American company. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s iPad Mini tablet, penned a while back, has been undergoing its final stage these days.

The first people to mention anything on the matter were the team behind an Apple blog based in Japan, called Macotakara. But if we were to believe someone, it would be the Wall Street Journal. Why? Mainly because they are on good terms with Apple.

According to their reports, the iPad Mini seems to be sporting a 7.85 diameter. The resolution of its touchscreen is supposedly of a lower value. The price that you will have to pay for this gadget is rumored to be way cheaper than the $499 iPad, somewhere along the lines of $250-$350. Which of course is a better price tag than what the competition charges.

The date of this device’s release is believed to be this month. Somewhere at the end of it. At least that is what the AllThingsD blog announced. They are affiliated to the Wall Street Journal, so their credibility factor is higher than other sources. They believe that this date was chosen so that the new gadget won’t clash with the release of the recent iPhone 5 belonging to the same old Apple company.iPad-Mini

The arrival of a completely new tablet created by the American manufacturer has raised a couple, or more, eyebrows. It will certainly face rivals such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon and plenty others.

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But the iPad Mini may very well prove to be a smashing hit with the crowds. However, the prices that the competitors’ gadgets have are a sure factor to a more than likely success for Apple. Especially seeing as many people will want to buy it as a gift to someone special. Or for themselves.

On the other side of the matter are specialists who can’t help but think that the iPhone 5 should be more than enough for the market for now. Even if the new smartphone did not convince as many people of its worth as expected. The company is known to let a breathing space before coming with something new.

But who knows, maybe this will not affect the iPad Mini from making a strong impression on future buyers this month. It’s all a matter of time, in the end.