Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update: Galaxy S3 and Note 10.1 confirmed

Samsung confirmed that they will feature the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system on not only one, but three of their best-selling gadgets. So we are happy for that finally happening.

The models that are going to receive this OS update are the tablet s Note and Note 10.1 and the smartphone Galaxy S3. The news was announced at the IFA 2012 press conference that is organized every year by the South Korean company. But the manufacturer did not spill out an official date for that update. One can only assume that it’s either next month or in a couple of months until the holiday season begins. Hopefully it won’t clash with Apple’s own iPhone 5 release. Maybe it won’t even take place this year.

But to return to the news at hand, everyone thought that an upgrade to the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS would arrive on Samsung’s Galaxy S2. Alas, it turned out it wasn’t meant to be so after all. Everyone was disappointed back then. Then the manufacturer said they would bring the new operating system on their products in March. Which, also, did not happen in the least. Again, consumers were disappointed and started to grow impatient. In short, the manufacturer had to delay the upgrade to the Jelly Bean in the end.S3-tab-10.1-jelly-bean-update

But after this turn of events, people started to sniff info about an imminent Android 4.1 OS on a series of Samsung gadgets. Which included the newly launched Galaxy S3. And then a tablet called Note 10.1. And on the first Note model, too. After a short while, the company made a step forward during this year’s IFA and announced that yes, their Galaxy S3 smartphone and the Note 10.1 tablet would see an upgrade to their operating system very soon. No official release date, no nothing.

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So many fear that the update will take place next year. But then again, Samsung are doing this to prevent any misfortune that might hit them once they announce an official launch date. Like the ones that have happened so many times in the recent past.

For now, we will have to rely on rumors and other leaked data. Although the manufacturer will prevent the latter from happening if they don’t want things to blow up in their faces. But however long we will have to wait for the Jelly Bean to land on the three aforementioned devices, it will be worth the while. Especially considering the many wonderful things we have read about this type of Android operating system.

And the best part of this is that the actual upgrade will actually happen this time around. Even if it will take a while to test the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note 10.1 with it on them.