Acer announces earlier release for Iconia Tab B1 successor

Acer decided that it was high time they released a successor to their Iconia Tab B1 tablet. The new gadget will see the light of day this June, which is earlier than what they planned to do.

At first, Acer wanted to unveil their newest tablet somewhere around the end of this year. However, they recently changed their mind. This fresh model was discussed by the company during the annual CES event at the beginning of this year. And that’s about all that is known surrounding this anticipated tablet.

The manufacturer’s Iconia Tab B1 is a model that has found huge success since its official launch till now. The reason? Its very good price tag: US$150. Why does the company wish to launch their fresh new device so early, though? The answer to the question is given by the following info: Lenovo and HP want to come on the market with very affordable tablets. And so, Acer’s latest model will land in shops sooner than expected.Acer-Iconia-tab-B1

What should we expect from the yet unnamed gadget? No one knows anything on the topic. We only have a report published by DigiTimes about its early launch and that is all.

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Apart from the new mysterious Acer tablet, the manufacturer will also offer a model with a 10-inch touchscreen this August. This device will also be launched sooner; the company wished to see it unveiled at the end of this year, too. The event that will see its debut is rumored to be IFA in Berlin. What other specs will this tablet sport? From what is known, a MediaTek CPU.

When both these two tablets will be officially unleashed on the market, many think that they are going to have a hard time competing directly with Google’s next tablet. The latter will be a successor to the Nexus 7 model.