Upgrade Samsung Captivate to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Preview build

We can, thanks to industrious developers, do a multiple of operations that will improve our smartphones and tablets in ways we can only imagine.

The same happens when you want to install an OS update on your gadget. So today, we are throwing a little tutorial your way. It’s called How to update Samsung Captivate to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Preview build.

In order to get an this version of Android on your Samsung Captivate, you need to let this phone experience the following guide.

Important instructions

  1. For the first step you have to , then .
  2. Then along comes step number two; for this one you need to that will take care of a Bluetooth bug and then save these files we mentioned on the laptop. Now you need to perform a connection between the PC and the phone. Then you must move the downloaded files to the phone’s internal memory card.
  3. Step three requires you to take the USB cable out and switch the Captivate off.samsung-captivate
  4. The fourth step asks you to select and keep selected for about 5 seconds the buttons for Volume Up and Down when the phone is starting; this will make the latter get access to Recovery mode. The most important thing now is to wipe the data on your phone by opting for Factory reset/Wipe data and Wipe cache partition.
  5. Step five should mean the following operation: choose the installation of the archive from the phone’s SD card.
  6. Then opt for Choose ZIP from SD card for step 6. Both these actions have to be done via the same Recovery menu. Next: in order to get the GApps pack, select the necessary update file then perform its installation and repeat all of the previous steps. Here are the last two steps.
  7. Number seven: choose Go back.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step 8 needs you to choose Reboot System Now. These should be performed after the installation of the previous package ends. And there you go: your Samsung Captivate is the proud owner of an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Preview build update.

You will not be safe from bugs if you decide to get this upgrade, though. The problems you are going to experience deal with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi not working. But as soon as developers will start working on new versions, the issues will go away. To get the tool working as it should, some requirements are in order here.

Charge the battery of the phone, use a laptop and turn off all the antivirus applications on it, root the handset, activate the USB Debugging, deactivate whatever security software the smartphone uses, make backups and install CWM Recovery on the Samsung Captivate.