Update Samsung Infuse 4G I997 to Jelly Bean 4.1 using CypherROM AOKP

If you are not happy with the current operating system on your Samsung Infuse 4G I997, process after you can update it to the latest Jelly Bean OS in a series of easy steps.

The way to have your Infuse I997 running the Android 4.1 version is via a custom ROM. It was created by a developer who decided to call it CypherROM. This is made using the AOKP Jelly Bean 4.1. However, due to its nature, bear in mind that it will not work as a default ROM. Also, it comes with a couple of issues. For example, you have to employ 480p instead of the 720p if you plan on recording clips with your smartphone.


Before following the steps we prepared for you, don’t forget that this custom ROM is aimed at people who want to test it. It’s nothing official. Other problems you are going to probably face are the following: the Nandroid back-up comes broken and you will see no support for Calendar apk. We recommend you consider the launcher called Nova instead of JB or APEX home launchers.Samsung-Infuse-4G-I997

This custom ROM only works if it is installed on the Samsung Infuse 4G I997. The device must come unlocked and rooted. It also needs to run a customized recovery file. Make a security backup of the default ROM of the gadget. Grab the phone’s USB cable and make sure to send all the data that is important from the device to your laptop. The following Android tools will help you backup your smartphone’s WAP internet settings, apps, Call Logs and so on: , AppBAK for Droid applications, APN Settings Backup & Restore and, finally, . After that you have to sync the entire list of Contacts with the Gmail account.

Important instructions

Below are the steps to follow so that you get the Jelly Bean 4.1 update via using CypherROM AOKP on your Samsung Infuse 4G.

  1. Go to the Menu setting for the developers and enable the option called USB debugging. Charge your device’s battery till it reaches 70% or over. Go to or and then choose the customized ROM zip file.
  2. After you’re done, simply download the entire .zip on your laptop/computer/so on (but don’t extract the archived files it comes with).
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Next step is to click on and to get the CypherGapps for Android Jelly Bean (remember not to extract the contents that are included in the zip file). That file must be installed after the ROM file. It is going to start the installation process for the Google applications from the previous link.
  4. The following step is to connect your phone with your laptop/computer via a USB cable. The files that you have already downloaded need to be transferred into the internal memory card (SD) of the phone.
  5. Disconnect the latter after the transfer ends. After you disconnected it, switch it off. Make sure to remove the SD card (that is, if you connected one in the first place).
  6. If not, next step is to enter into the CWM recovery main menu. That is done by simultaneously holding and pressing down the keys for Volume Up and Power. That will bring the logo of Samsung on the phone’s touchscreen. Let go of the button for Power. The Volume keys still need to be pressed, because it will load the ClockworkMod Recovery. Once you are in the ClockworkMod recovery menu, just opt for Factory reset or Clear data, an action you have to afterwards confirm.
  7. In the step that follows you need to select Wipe cache. That will also have to be confirmed. Once that done, direct yourself over to Advanced; then you need to opt for the Wipe dalvik cache option. Confirm everything.
  8. After that is over, go to Mounts and storage; select Format system and confirm.
  9. Then you need to do another selection: you must choose the installation of the zip file via the SD card. Then opt for the installation from the zip file using the SD card.
  10. That step has to be followed by the finding of the CypherROM file. Once that is located, proceed to its installation.
  11. While the installation will happen, the device is going to restart 2 times. After that it is going to get back to the data recovery screen.
  12. What follows is that the Infuse 4G I997 will restart. After that it will go back to the ClockworkMod Recovery menu. Once you are in that menu, opt for Install zip from SD card; then the option that says to perform the installation using the zip file from SD card. Then start the flashing process for the Cypher Gapps zip file.
  13. The installation of the Google applications files and the new custom ROM should happen smoothly.
  14. After that process is done, you must get back to the recovery menu. There you need to opt for Reboot system.
  15. After the phone restarts, enter the details of your GMail account. You should also enter the phone numbers that were in your device before this process.

Should you have issues with the installation of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in the boot stage, switch the phone off. Then follow the instructions again, starting with the first one.