Update Galaxy Express I8730 to XWAMB8 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Official Firmware

Samsung Galaxy Express I8730 is popular enough to deserve an Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 of its own. At least that’s what a developer who created XWAMB8 thought. Read this tutorial and find out how to install this update on your smartphone, too.

The perfect way to start this guide is by initiating you in what requirements to be mindful of before flashing the XWAMB8.


First pre-requisite: charge the battery of the phone in your hand. Second: turn on USB debugging on your device. Third requirement: install USB Drivers for this model on the comp you have. Fourth pre-requisite: use the Galaxy Express GT-I8730 that is factory unlocked. Fifth: make a backup out of all the data you see as very important on your smartphone. To get root access back once you are done with the update, you should do the following: root the handset.Galaxy-Express-I8730

Important instructions

  1. The way to start our tutorial is via step number one: download on your laptop.
  2. Step two: download Odin tool version 1.85, too.
  3. Step three: extract the contents of the first file, then turn the handset off. When the latter is no longer alive, you need to enter it into download mode. Don’t know how? Take a look at the following and do what they say: press and hold, together, the buttons used for Home and Volume Down; press Power and you will soon notice the logo belonging to Android. Now confirm the desire to see the Express I8730 boot into that Download mode.
  4. The fourth step is here to tell you this: launch Odin on the laptop, then plug the smartphone to it and wait for everything to go smoothly; you will realize that the plugging went well only if the color of an ID:COM icon is yellow and a COM port number comes on the device’s display.
  5. As soon as those two indicators are spotted on the screen, you should follow what step number five prompts you to: opt for some files we are mentioning below. Here you go:
    – choose the file which has CODE as part of its title; this file will appear once you click on PDA;
    – select the file whose name includes MODEM; you will spot it as soon as you click on Phone;
    – opt for the file that comes with CSC as part of its name; it should pop on the display after you click on CSC;
    – choose the file called .pit (it shall be on the touchscreen the second you click on PIT).
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    And you’re done. But, if neither of the files we just mentioned will be seen, then you need to ignore what we just wrote. Instead, check a couple of options known as F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot; in the eventuality that you went for the .pit file, you will have to check it as well.
  6. As for the sixth step, your task includes the following: click on Start, wait for the installation of the firmware to happen, then for the Express I8730 to show its home screen.
  7. For the last step, which is number seven, you will have to disconnect the I8730 from the laptop. Your phone is now showing off with its brand new official Jelly Bean 4.1.2.