Unroot Asus Transformer Prime Tablet

Asus had quite a success when they decided they would unleash their Transformer Prime Tablet on the world. People who bought it when it first appeared on the market were happy with it and pretty soon many of them wanted to know of a way to root the device. Thanks to various custom ROMs created by many talented developers, the owners of this model could do that without a problem. But then there were some who wanted to get the gadget back to how it was before the whole rooting process happened. This guide wants to help those of you who wish to unroot this device by offering the necessary steps to perform this operation. Trust us when we say that the whole process will not be as hard as it may sound.

As you already know by now, every rooting, flashing, unrooting and so on needs requirements to be fulfilled before proceeding any further with your plans. To unroot the Transformer Prime Tablet, you are asked the following: should an app called be open on your laptop, you will be asked to close it; then you are going to need to download a file named , because it’s very important for your gadget as we proceed with our tutorial.

After you are done with the above, it’s finally time to be taught how to unroot the gadget in your hands. Below is the guide we put together for this purpose. Follow the steps in it with the utmost care.asus-transformer-prime

Important instructions

  1. For the first step you need to move the the viperMOD file, once downloaded online, in a dedicated directory placed on the desktop.
  2. Then comes step number two for which you are required to do as follows: unzip the viperMOD archive to that folder. You must also install the appropriate Drivers they contain.
  3. Step three asks you to take perform a connection between the laptop and the Transformer Prime Tablet. You can do this using a USB cord. Then you have to execute the viperMOD PrimeTime.exe using the double click method.
  4. When this is over and done with, for step 4 you are required to wait until the following appears on the screen: Command Prompt.
  5. When it does, for step number 5 you have to look at the list in the Command Prompt and select the third option.
  6. Step number 6: the tablet will go into its unrooting stage. Once the process ends, the device will show a confirmation message. So you are going to be told that the process was successful.
  7. Final step: unplug the tablet cable from the laptop and use it with relish, because it’s your gadget returned to the state you knew before you rooted it.