How to Root Motorola SPICE Key XT317

The very best way to have a rooted Motorola SPICE Key XT317 is through SRSRoot. This app plays an essential role on your phone. One that is described in the next paragraphs. Also, you will see how to achieve a rooted product.

In case you don’t know much about root access and its subsequent benefits, you’ve come across the right guide. In it we discuss the rooting tool we chose and how to make it a part of your device. First of all, this rooting instrument has a name. It’s this one: SRSRoot. Your Motorola SPICE Key XT317 will receive many novelties thanks to this app. This tool is powered by an SRS Server. You don’t have to pay to enjoy the app. This rooting instrument we’re introducing you to works very well with your 3-year-old device. Behind the latter is a 600 MHz ARM 11 CPU. Its inferior speed becomes so much faster after the rooting.

The benefits of this procedure

The Motorola SPICE Key comes already equipped with an Android OS. The version available on it is 2.3.7 Gingerbread. This freeware tool is more than compatible with all the Android versions. The app offers the same pros even if your handset has a different name than the one in our tutorial. Novelties include (but aren’t limited to) new features and custom ROMs. Battery tweaks are available, too, along with these: customization tweaks. Root-only apps and admin / superuser permission join all of the previous new stuff. Which, by the way, isn’t delivered with bloatware or security problems.Motorola-SPICE-Key-XT317

We suggest getting a Build ID. V4.36C was what we chose; you can always use the same IS as ours. Or you can opt for one with a different name; the SRSRoot is at ease with a very generous number of Build IDs. Any time you want, this tool can become an unrooting option.

An upgrade firmware that’s flashed on a rooted gadget affects it in more ways than one. The smartphone will easily shed its system partition. That is followed by the loss of its root access. No other important damage is registered. It should be noted that the data and internal / external SD cards stay out of harm.


Are you unsure how to begin a rooting? What you need to do first is take the laptop and phone. They both have to go through some preparations. They are commonly known as pre-requisites. Here you go:

  • download USB drivers on your laptop (this is the link you must click on to get to them);
  • install each of the drivers on that product;
  • the security programs onn the laptopare to be deactivated immediately;
  • you should then generate backups to keep the smartphone’s data 100% safe;
  • create a full NANDroid backup;
  • your handset’s USB Debugging has to be tapped;
  • make sure the OS version used by the laptop is Windows;
  • the security programs available on the phone should be turned off;
  • the battery delivered with the Motorola XT317 must be fully charged.

Step by step instructions

We’ve now reached the part where your handset will go through various steps. When you are done with them, the device will enjoy all of the good stuff we presented above.

  1. To be sure of a smooth operation, start by downloading the SRSRoot on the laptop. This app’s exact location is this one; the address contains a download button.
  2. Which is there to be enabled, so tap it. Move on by installing the freeware and opening it on your laptop. This next step deals with the following option: Unknown Sources.
  3. Get to it by tapping Menu and then Settings; when done, search under the latter for the Unknown Sources option. Tap it when you come upon it. Search for USB Debugging and enable it if you still haven’t done so.
  4. Those of our readers who’ve tapped this option already, we recommend our next step. Which cannot work without the handset’s USB cable.
  5. The cable is there for an important reason; it facilitates a connection between the Motorola SPICE Key and your laptop. After the devices are finally plugged to one another, your handset has to go through this action: tap Root Device (All Methods).
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Leave the phone alone for some 12 minutes (15 at the most). When the rooting isn’t done after those minutes are up, repeat the steps.
  7. The phone has to experience one last step after the rooting is over. This one needs you to restart your smartphone by tapping Reboot System Now. After doing that, wait for this part to be completed.

The moment your Motorola Spice Key XT317 has successfully come back to life, take advantage of the root access. The procedure and its advantages can leave you totally unimpressed. If so, turn to the SRSRoot to revoke the root access.

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