How to Root Motorola RAZR D1 XT915

There’s nothing as important as a rooted Motorola RAZR D1 XT915. Providing this gadget with root access is highly recommended. In this guide you will be taught how to get the most important improvement options, new stuff and much more!

As always when a device gets rooted, a certain type of tool has to be used. We prepared SRSRoot for today. After you get the hang of this app, your smartphone will know what improvement’s all about. This tool has multiple qualities. One of them is the fact that it’s powered by an SRS Server. Also, this app is free and you’re allowed to use it on different device brands. Your particular smartphone is only 1 year old. Even so, you’ve probably wanted its 1 GHz CPU to perform better. This is exactly what will happen when you’re done with our rooting guide. Since the SRSRoot is used, your Motorola RAZR D1 XT915 cannot be exposed to security problems. The device is also exempt from bloatware.Motorola-RAZR-D1-XT915

The benefits of this method

With this kind of a tool, the device experiences admin and superuser permission at last. Its battery can last more and root-only apps will show up. Battery and customization options will appear, too. New features and custom ROMs are also needed; the SRSRoot is going to make them available very soon. The phone has this OS version: Android 4.1.2. The app will not wipe this away from your phone. Choose a Build ID for the rooting. We used this one: 2_32A_2008. You don’t have to use it, too. The new app lets a gadget’s user opt for another ID.

Once your smartphone has root access, its warranty has to be sacrificed. Restoring it is more than easy to perform. Just look for a tutorial which includes your device in its name.

What’s most important about having root access is that you can lose it. Especially after you update a rooted product. When such a procedure is completed, the smartphone’s system partition gets erased. The rest of the important content is safe.


Besides the usual group of steps, pre-requisites are also of importance. They are revealed below:

  • when this page is launched on the notebook, try and look for certain USB drivers (be sure that they’re compatible with the handset);
  • the drivers are required on your notebook, so download them from the site we mentioned above;
  • USB Debugging is an option which must be enabled on the phone;
  • protect the data on your Motorola RAZR D1 safe against security threats by backing it up;
  • a full NANDroid backup will have to be generated;
  • Windows must be delivered with your notebook;
  • the latter must have its security software disabled;
  • the smartphone must also experience a deactivation of its security software;
  • if there are signs of poor battery life on your phone, charge the unit until it is full.

Step by step instructions

  1. You’re now exposed to the sort of steps the rooting needs. First of all, take to this address. After having reached this page, click on its download button. Now simply wait for the SRSRoot app to be downloaded on the notebook.
  2. The freeware will end up on that device in a very short while. Next, have the app installed there, then launched.
  3. You just need to do the following afterwards: turn on Menu. Settings is the next option that must be enabled.
  4. You aren’t yet done with the options that must be tapped. Another one is called Unknown Sources. Such an option is under the one we mentioned before: Settings.
  5. This next step is aimed at people who haven’t yet tapped USB Debugging. The rest of you who have, consider other actions. Let’s see what this one needs: take the handset’s USB cable. Establish, with it, a connection.
  6. The latter must be performed between these: the notebook and your Motorola XT915. Once the devices have entered a connection, all you have to do to begin the rooting is a tapping of a certain option. The latter has the following name: Root Device (All Methods).
  7. Next up: give the procedure time to end. It will be completed in 15 minutes. If you don’t experience a completed rooting, you’re to use this method: repeat the steps you just performed.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The rooting may not land you in trouble. That means the following: feel free to go ahead and reboot the phone. This is the best way to perform such a task: tap Reboot System Now. The Motorola RAZR D1 XT915 is going to be restarted in a couple of minutes. Once this is over, the rooting benefits we exposed above will reveal themselves to you!

Each of the novelties  brings your device to a whole other level. The new stuff may, however, be a source of annoyance. This is what you can do to make that go away: revoke the root access. This is something the SRSRoot is more than appropriate to help you with.

If rooting problems stress you out, our comment section is prepared to solve them. Just leave your complaints there, questions or comments!