How to Root Google Nexus 7 WiFi / 3G with One Click CF-Auto Root

If you want to own a rooted Google Nexus 7 WiFi or 3G, you have to go through a special procedure. All of the steps that come along with it are delivered in today’s post!

To have a rooted Asus Nexus 7, be it the 3G or the WiFi version, is to have an enhanced device from all points of view. Once your tablet gains root access, you will have plenty of options to improve it. For instance, you will have many customization tweaks and options to personalize the device.

You will also receive new apps (including root-only ones) and new features. The tablet will have as many custom ROMs as you want, too. The battery will last much longer than in the past and your tablet will be free from bloatware. All of this is possible thanks to a developer known as Chainfire.

You should root only the Google Nexus 7 Wi-Fi or the 3G variant with our guide. That’s because the tool we have for you today is compatible only with one of these models. If you apply the rooting tool on another model, it will be bricked very soon.

Having a rooted device also means the disappearance of its warranty. Luckily though, you will get it back if you install official firmware from the manufacturer.


There are some requirements you need to go through before you root your gadget. They’re as follows:

  • the Google Nexus 7 you use has to run with its USB Debugging turned on;
  • the security software installed on your tablet and the laptop should be deactivated for our tutorial;
  • if you don’t want to lose or damage the crucial data on your tablet, we recommend creating one or more backups;
  • make sure the gadget comes with its bootloader unlocked;
  • install the USB drivers that are meant for your

Step by step instructions

Before starting the rooting, you have to download some packages on your laptop.

  1. Their names are and Odin v3.09, available on this page. If the download of these two is done, you can begin the guide by unzipping them on your notebook with 7Zip or WinZip. The extraction of the first package will leave you with The unzipping of the other file will give you Odin v3.09.exe.
  2. You will have to move on by powering the tablet off. To boot it in Download Mode for the next step, do this: press and hold Volume Down, Home and Power at the same time; when a boot screen pops up, press Volume Up.
  3. Here’s how to continue: launch the Odin v3.09.exe as Admin by right-clicking on .exe and then on the option “Run as Administrator”. Your Google Nexus 7 will have to be plugged to the notebook; use its USB cord for this, then wait for “Added” and a COM port number. If you spot them, your devices are connected to one another.
  4. Soon, a bunch of boxes will come up. Tick F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot, then do as follows: tap PDA. Next: choose the and tap “Start“.
  5. The tablet’s rooting shall now start. As soon as the displays shows up by “Pass” in a green background (or a “Reset” message), the rooting will have ended. Should there be a message saying “Fail”, you have to try another approach.
  6. Do it by unplugging the tablet from your laptop and closing the Odin. After that take the battery out of your tablet out and then re-insert it. When done, launch the Odin. Repeat the steps which come after the Odin is open.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The Google Nexus 7 WiFi or the 3G variant should restart soon. Make sure the devices are disconnected for the last step. By doing so, the tablet has just gained root access.
  8. If you aren’t that sure of this, you can always download Root Checker on your tablet. This app is available for free download from this location: Google Play Store. After your gadget has it, run it and let it do its job.

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