Install KitKat 4.4.2 XXUANC4 on Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 (3G) SM-P901

Once Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 (3G) SM-P901 is upgraded to Android 4.4.2, the KitKat version, you can say hello to numerous new additions. Our guide uses XXUANC4, the latest firmware to be made available for your tablet. Find out how the update can be applied on your device by sticking with us.

Your Samsung P901 will be partnered up with the XXUANC4. With the help of this new stock firmware, the gadget is going to feature every single one of the goodies that the Android 4.4.2 is known for. The new firmware was launched this March for Russia only. And only for the tablet version we indicated. Don’t forget to apply the update only if your tablet is the Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 (3G) SM-P901.

If you want to grab the latest KitKat version on a rooted gadget, you should know all about the disadvantages that come with it. For one, your tablet’s system partition will be deleted. After that, the gadget’s root access will become history. Important things such as data and internal / external SD cards will not be affected by the upgrade.

Having the new KitKat OS is synonymous with the presence of customization options, new apps and new features. Each of these is going to bring the performance of your tablet to a whole new level in terms of quality. Your tablet will not have to deal with threats such as viruses.Galaxy-Note-Pro-12.2-SM-P901


The usual set of requirements applies here, too. So don’t forget to:

  • download, on your notebook, USB drivers;
  • turn off the tablet’s security programs;
  • deactivate the security programs installed on the laptop;
  • use a notebook that’s pre-flashed with Windows OS;
  • charge the battery unit on your Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 SM-P901;
  • create both standard backups and then a full NANDroid backup;
  • enable, on the gadget, this option: USB Debugging.

Step by step instructions

The new official firmware should be installed on your tablet with the aid of some crucial steps.

  1. The tutorial begins with you doing as follows: download, on your notebook, the . Do the same for this package: Odin v3.09. The two packages need to be saved on the laptop. Then you have to extract them with either WinZip or 7Zip.
  2. Odin v3.09.exe is going to come up soon, which means that you must launch it on your notebook. After this, move on by entering the tablet in Download Mode.
  3. This task will require you to press and simultaneously hold Home, Power and Volume Down at first. When you notice a boot message appear on the display, you will have to press Volume Up.
  4. The booting has to be followed by this step: create a connection between the Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 P901 and the laptop.
  5. The most useful method to use here is the one that implies the use of the tablet’s USB cord. The Odin shall come with a blue sign if the connection’s been made.
  6. After the gadget and the notebook are connected to one another, add the firmware file to AP / PDA. Then activate F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot (Re-partition doesn’t have to be checked).
  7. For the next stage of this tutorial, you will have to begin the new firmware’s flashing. For this purpose, we advise you to tap the following option: “Start“. Then wait.
  8. When about 13 minutes are done, the Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 (3G) SM-P901 is going to greet you with a green “Pass” message. After a couple of seconds, the tablet’s going to restart on its own. This way, you will know that you are allowed to complete the guide by disconnecting the tablet from the laptop.
  9. When nothing connects the two devices, you should go to your tablet, tap Settings, then look for About Tablet and tap that option, too.
  10. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After having launched the new OS, the coast is clear for experimenting with it and its novelties. Make sure you do that for a while so that you know if the Android 4.4.2 KitKat is what you’ve always dreamed of.

If it’s not, then return your gadget to its former ROM. Which is the reason why the NANDroid backup file had to be created previously. By using this method, the upgrade of your device will be revoked.

In case there are things you want to talk to us about or you have questions, kindly use the comment box below.